How can Christian men and women work together effectively for the Kingdom of God?

(Photo: Unsplash/CarolynV)
(Photo: Unsplash/CarolynV)

How can men and women in the evangelical Church work together in a way that is effective for the Kingdom and honouring of God and Scripture?

Amanda Jackson, leader of the World Evangelical Alliance’s Women’s Commission, and Dr Peirong Lin, the WEA’s first ever female Deputy Secretary General have written a new resource, Co-Workers and Co-Leaders: Women and Men Partnering for God’s Work, which seeks to answer this question.

They speak to Christian Today about how evangelical men and women can work together as Jesus intended.

CT: How can we engage with the issue of male and female leadership without it becoming immediately divisive?

Amanda:The book is about how we can, at any level, work together more effectively without always having this nervous reaction because we’re working with the opposite sex. Peirong and I wanted this book to get past the usual Bible verses that cause division. We wanted to try and have a different, more holistic look at what mission could be like if men and women work together effectively, recognising that we are different and yet incredibly similar! And that we can actually get on and achieve things for the Kingdom of God. After all, that’s what we all want to do.
CT: What is the message for the WEA family?

Peirong: I think firstly to remove any fears or prejudices when it comes to working with women. We are not strange creatures! We are all here for the Kingdom of God and to serve and be open about it. I think the WEA appointing me to this position sends a very strong signal. The WEA is committed to the leadership of women in the whole Kingdom of God too, it’s not just a male-led movement for men. It’s a movement of broken humans trying together to participate in the Kingdom of God because we love Jesus together.

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Source: Christian Today