David Robertson on The madness over marriage in Methodism

(Photo: Methodist Church)
(Photo: Methodist Church)

The annual Conference of the Methodist Church of Great Britain is meeting in Birmingham this week and next, other things it will debate a report entitled “God in Love Unites Us”.

The report will be endorsed, unless something spectacular (or miraculous?) happens, as it has already been approved by 29 of the 30 Methodist synods.

The report recommends that the Methodist Church approve of cohabitation and extend its understanding of marriage to “two people” rather than “a man and a woman”.

I have Methodist friends who are now wondering if they can remain in the Church and who feel a sense of bereavement as their Church seems to have been hijacked. But are they overreacting? What does the report actually say?

I have read through the whole document and I’m afraid it is worse than has been reported.

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Source: Christian Today