Christians understand costly realities of following Jesus

IMB photo
IMB photo

Ramsey* didn’t want to take his own life. Instead, he accepted missions that put him in harm’s way. Years later, after he became a Christian, Ramsey still doesn’t want to take his own life, but is willing to lay down his life for the sake of Christ and accepted a mission that puts him in harm’s way.

Being in harm’s way means loving those who were once his enemies. It means having his car rammed into a wall and t-boned and shots fired at him through his windshield. It now also means several months in a hospital bed, fighting for his life.

Ramsey is battling an invisible and internal enemy. His compromised immune system from circumstances in his past makes him more susceptible to the effects of COVID-19. He is still in the hospital, battling for recovery, though Christian friends report that his condition is improving.

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Source: Baptist Press