Carol Round on Through Faith We’re All Children of God

“For you are all children of God through faith in Christ Jesus”—Galatians 3:26 (NLT).

It involved moonshine and murder. Sounds like a great book title, doesn’t it? The true story behind this crime is part of my family history. It was in the early 1900s when one of my father’s uncles—my great uncle—received the death penalty for killing another man.

After hearing this story as a young adult, I began to research the story. I couldn’t find much information. However, the story had appeared in a True Crime magazine. While I contacted different resources, I wasn’t able to get a copy. Today, with the Internet, it’s much easier to locate information about our heritage.

At the urging of her son, my sister recently completed an Ancestry DNA test. The test results included ethnicity estimates indicating distant origins (500 – 1000 years ago), as well as results revealing more recent origins (50-300 years ago). We weren’t surprised by some of the ethnicity estimates since we knew part of our heritage. Other results were unexpected.

An Unexpected Conversation

A recent online conversation with a woman I know from my high school years was enlightening. She had also completed an Ancestry DNA test and my sister’s name had shown up in her search.

She asked if my dad’s first name was Charles and inquired about his middle name. After I replied, identifying my father’s first and last name, she wanted to know about his date of birth and death. They matched.

When I confirmed the match, she replied, “Holy Cow! You guys are 6th to 8th cousins to us!”

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SOURCE: Assist News Service, Carol Round