Which ‘Seductively-Unbiblical’ Philosophies are Most American Christians Embracing?

The Cultural Research Center has come out with a new report.

The American public flaunts its free will in many ways, not the least of which is by embracing a number of seductive—but decidedly unbiblical—beliefs as part of their worldview.

Among the more than five dozen beliefs and behaviors measured in recent surveys, the most egregious departures from biblical teaching relate to faith selection, personal behavior, decision-making, the human condition and life outcomes.

According to new data from the Cultural Research Center at Arizona Christian University’s American Worldview Inventory 2021 (AWVI 2021), the most prevalent “seductively-unbiblical ideas” embraced by American adults include:

** the spiritually inclusive idea that “having faith matters more than what type of faith you have”

** the belief that all faiths are of equal value

** belief in “karma,” the idea rooted in Eastern religions that you ‘get what you give’

** the dismissal of absolute truth

** commitment to personal, subjective morality

** the idea that people are “basically good”

** the idea that success is determined by happiness, comfort, goodness, or fulfilled potential

** belief that sexual relations apart from marriage are morally acceptable

** the rejection of the notion that people are inherently sinful

** the conclusion that the purpose of accumulated personal wealth is unrelated to God’s purposes

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SOURCE: Assist News Service, Michael Ireland