Daniel Whyte III Says That the Catholic Priests Ought Not to Be Debating Whether or Not They Are Going to Be Serving Communion to President Biden and Other Politicians Who Support Abortion. The Catholic Priests Should Be More Concerned About Not Serving or Taking Communion Themselves for Their Homosexuality and Their Child Molestation. No Doubt Many Confused Young Altar Boys Have Turned Out to Be Homosexuals Because They Were Raped by Some Ungodly Priest, So Until You Get That Resolved Leave President Biden Alone and Let Them Take Communion. You Stop Serving Communion and Taking Communion Yourself and Get Out of the Ministry. You Are Classic Hypocritical: You Highlight Other People’s Sins and You Don’t Say Anything About Your Own. It Is Disturbingly Shocking How Silent the Catholic Church and Sad to Say the Protestant Church Has Been on the Abomination of Homosexuality and Homosexual Marriage and the Grave Damage and Confusion It Has Caused in Our Country Already Since President Obama, Congress, and the Supreme Court Caused the Government to Sanction These Abominations