Emotions run high as Hong Kong residents snap up final edition of Apple Daily

HONG KONG, June 24 (Reuters) – Hong Kong residents rushed in the early hours of Thursday to snap up copies of the final edition of pro-democracy newspaper Apple Daily, forced to end a 26-year run after getting embroiled in a national security crackdown.

Emotions ran high as supporters of the paper, which has faced an unrelenting squeeze since its owner and staunch Beijing critic, Jimmy Lai, was arrested under the security law in August 2020, queued for their last copies just after midnight.

“I couldn’t sleep well for the past few nights,” said Tse, 60, a former medical worker, who leaned on a cart to support herself as she queued outside a newspaper vendor in the working class district of Mong Kok.

“I hope the reporters can stay true to their faith and keep working hard.”

Queues stretched at newsstands across the city after an emotional final print run at the headquarters of the paper, which was forced to shut after authorities froze its assets in a national security investigation.

Source: Reuters