Shark sightings and attacks up and down East Coast

Summer is beach season, which means it’s also shark season. Several shark sightings up and down the East Coast have beachgoers on alert as the population grows.

There are more than 70 known sharks off the East Coast right now, according to the OCEARCH shark tracker, including four great white sharks. These sharks were designated as a protected species in most federal waters in 1997, and while the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy says the stock status remains uncertain, conservation efforts seem to be paying off, tied to increases in seal populations in areas like Cape Cod.

“Before gaining federal protection in the late ’90s, it’s estimated that the population of great white sharks in the Northwest Atlantic may have declined as much as 80% as a result of fishing pressure,” AWSC CEO Cynthia Wigren told Fox News. “Over the past decade, great white shark sightings and catch records have increased, suggesting some level of population recovery, but the status of the species remains uncertain. Conservation efforts are critical to the long-term survival of the species.”

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Source: the Hill