Seven Greek bishops doused with acid in ‘act of revenge and despair by priest who feared he’d be kicked out of church’

A PRIEST has been arrested after throwing acid on seven bishops who were attending a disciplinary hearing against him.

The shocking attack that took place at an Athens monastery has left three of the metropolitan bishops in a serious condition.

Members of the Petraki Monastery were believed to have gathered to discuss the defrocking of the 37-year-old hieromonk, who had been involved with a drug case, Greek outlet Kathimerini reports.

The meeting at the headquarters of the Orthodox Church of Greece turned sinister after the priest feared he would be kicked out of the church.

He then reportedly doused the faces and hands of the seven victims in vitriol in the unbelievable act of revenge.

The Metropolitans of Kassandreia Nikodimos, Artis Kallinikos, Andreas of Dryinoupolis , Dionysios IV of Zakynthos , Kyrillos of Kifissia , Dimitrios of Goumenissa and Antonios of Glyfada are reportedly among those injured.

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Source: the Sun