Abortion Survivor Testifies in Congress Against ‘Women’s Health Protection Act’

Melissa Ohden, a pro-life speaker, writer, and advocate with the Abortion Survivors Network testified on Capitol Hill last week against the Women’s Health Protection Act.

The bill would allow abortion all the way up until birth, use money from taxpayers, and remove restrictions on abortion even after a fetus is deemed viable.

Ohden survived an attempted abortion herself and shared her powerful testimony with CBN’s Faith Nation.

“Forty-three years ago, my birth mother Ruth was forced to have a saline infusion abortion,” Ohden said. “That type of procedure involved injecting a toxic salt solution into the amniotic fluid that should have protected me in the womb but was meant to poison and scald me to death.”

She explained that the procedure for this type of abortion lasted for five days which is longer than usual.

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Source: CBN