Good on you: Pope makes ‘unprecedented’ challenge to Italy homophobia law

The Vatican confirmed Tuesday it had lodged a diplomatic protest against a draft Italian law against homophobia, in what a news report called an “unprecedented” act of meddling in Italy’s affairs.

The so-called Zan law, currently being debated in Italy’s parliament, seeks to punish acts of discrimination and incitement to violence against gay, lesbian, transgender and disabled people.

According to the Corriere della Sera newspaper, the Vatican argued in a letter, or “note verbale”, that the bill violates the Concordat, the bilateral treaty between Rome and the Holy See, by curtailing Catholic freedom of belief and expression.

Vatican spokesman Matteo Bruni confirmed to AFP that the document was “informally delivered” to the Italian ambassador to the Holy See on June 17.

“It is an unprecedented act in the history of relations between the two states — or at least, there are no public precedents,” Corriere said, adding that the note was presented by Archbishop Paul Richard Gallagher, Pope Francis’ de facto foreign minister.

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Source: France24