‘Miracle Baby’ Born 4 Months Premature and Given 0% Chance of Survival Sets World Record

YouTube/Our Lifes Journeys

Since he weighed just 11.9 ounces at birth, staff at the Children’s Minnesota hospital in Minneapolis gave one baby boy a dire survival rate: 0%.

But God had other plans.

Beth and Rick Hutchinson welcomed their son, Richard, into the world June 5, 2020. The only problem? His due date was four months later on Oct. 13, 2020.

“When Rick and Beth received prenatal counselling on what to expect with a baby born so early, they were given a 0% chance of survival by our neonatology team,” said Richard’s neonatologist at Children’s Minnesota, Dr. Stacy Kern.

The Hutchinsons were warned of the fatal complications that could arise when medical complications caused Beth to go into labor when her unborn son was only 21 weeks 2 days along. Standard gestation for a full-term baby is 40 weeks.

Guinness World Records acknowledged the incredible life journey Richard had already experienced at his one-year birthday, naming him the world’s most premature baby to survive.

The previous record-holder was born in Canada at 21 weeks and 5 days in 1987, as well as a German native born at the same age in 2010.

“It doesn’t feel real,” admitted Beth regarding the world record. “We’re still surprised about it. But we’re happy. It’s a way we can share his story to raise awareness about premature births.”

The miracle story included numerous trials and trips to the hospital, Beth said.

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SOURCE: Charisma News