Survey Reveals 51% of Americans Say They Have a Biblical Worldview but Don’t Believe What the Bible Teaches

The Family Research Council’s Center for Biblical Worldview conducted a nationwide survey in an effort to find out whether people possess a biblical worldview and how they seek to integrate that into their life.

Among the 1,000 American adults interviewed across the nation, 51 percent said they have a biblical worldview. However, the survey revealed big inconsistencies between what they believe and what the Bible teaches.

The FRC poll was conducted during May found:

31 percent believe it’s very important for their faith to influence every area of their life.
13 percent don’t let their faith influence politics
30 percent say politics does affect their faith
55 percent do let their faith impact their personal relationships
5 percent say faith doesn’t change their social connections
And the polling revealed seven out of ten adults believe that God does (or might) exist, 78 percent said that God cares “a lot” about what they believe and does in relation to every measure of society.

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Source: CBN