Activities to do if you visit Jamaica

Jamaica is a Caribbean country with forests, mountains, beaches, adventure parks and resorts where tourists can enjoy a stay in addition to making good memories, live unforgettable experiences that could not happen in other places in the world.

If you are thinking of visiting Jamaica and do not know what activities you can do, we will show you a list of all the places worth visiting to learn more about the Jamaican culture, their values as a people and the beautiful landscapes that are maintained thanks to the care they take of the environment.

Swimming with dolphins

Swim with dolphins in Jamaica is undoubtedly one of the best experiences you can take with you from Jamaica and you can do it as many times as you want during your visit to this land. The activity takes place in the middle of the natural Caribbean Sea with the help and supervision of trained professionals to protect your safety and fun.

In addition, you will be able to swim with other fish, different species of rays and other forms of life that coexist in the water. It is one of the moments that you will want to treasure forever, that’s why you can take pictures and bring them back with you as a souvenir.

In Ocho Rios, where this adventure takes place, you can also enjoy a walk through the jungle where you will see wild animals and exotic plants with their different species. This activity, like swimming with dolphins in Jamaica and other places in the world, is also done under the supervision of a qualified professional.

Visiting theme parks

These places are fun to do group activities, there are several shore excursions in Jamaica offered by the entertainment parks and let you get to know the nature of the place through fun experiences such as driving buggies off road and through the tropical landscape.

Another of the activities offered in the parks is to visit the Secret River, where there are medicinal plants and the classic Jamaican fruits. You can enjoy a beautiful day while drinking freshly drawn coconut water.

There is a famous open-air ride on a tractor-drawn cart that travels over a hectare filled with bananas, cassava, sugar cane, coffee, allspice and other crops. The cooking tour is another excursion you can’t miss, these are activities where in addition to trying exotic foods you can cook them yourself.

And if we talk about animal nature, you will be delighted with the aviary where you can meet local exotic bird species that fly over the skies of Jamaica. This place is a tropical paradise full of beauty and well worth a visit.

Jamaica Beaches

Shore excursions in Jamaica are one of the best activities for tourists because the Caribbean beaches will allow you to see landscapes that you have never seen before, full of vibrant colours and crystal clear water that will make you want to stay much longer in those places you visit. We will recommend you four beaches that you can’t miss:

Bloody Bay

These beaches of crystal clear waters and white sands have lots of vegetation and in addition places where you can stay. Here you will find peace and be able to connect with nature through the warm air and tranquillity of the place.

Seven Mile Beach

These beaches are a few kilometres from Negril and everyone who travels to Jamaica visits them, in addition to its inhabitants who usually vacation there a lot. They are paradisiacal beaches with a turquoise sea that stands out with the clarity of the sand. They are designed to receive tourists since they have equipment, food stores and other products to spend the day there.

Hellshire Beach

Located near Portoviejo, it is one of the most popular beaches because it has black sand and white sand on its shores, with transparent water. If you visit this beach you will be impressed by its unnatural beauty.

James Bond Beach

This beach is named after the author of James Bond as it was one of his favourite places to visit during his vacations. It is located east of Ocho Rios and has one of the most beautiful landscapes of the island.

All beaches in Jamaica have their own characteristics that make them so beautiful to visit, in addition to their crystal clear waters and white sands, the vegetation and green space they offer is incomparable to other places in the world.

On the other hand, its people are very friendly and for that reason it is one of the places you cannot miss if you like to explore the world. Jamaica has a climate that can be enjoyed at any time of the year and that makes it particularly attractive, in addition to the thousands of activities offered to tourists to spend a stay full of adventures and landscapes that will remain forever engraved in their minds.