‘Cancel the Cancel Culture’: Woke School Board Offends Everyone by Stripping Holiday Names to Not Offend Anyone

A petition drive is underway calling for members of the Randolph, New Jersey Board of Education, and Superintendent Jen Fano to resign after they dropped the names of holidays from the district’s school calendar.

The petition says they “clearly do not have the best interests of our children in anything they do. They represent everything that is wrong in education today and are completely incompetent in every aspect of their role,” according to Change.org. As of Monday, more than 2,500 residents of Randolph township had signed the request.

“We will not allow our beautiful town to be taken over by woke cancel culture,” one signer of the petition wrote. “History exists so we can learn from it… The good, the bad, and the ugly. And you have now become part of the ugly.”

Another signer wrote, “Randolph being the tip of this awful woke spear if discussing. As an Italian American losing Columbus Day was bad enough but as a Christian losing Easter / Christmas is even worse. Also I’m a community with so many Jewish brothers and sisters losing their high holidays is a disgrace.”

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Source: CBN