‘Sex is a Biological Fact and Immutable’: British Woman Who Lost Job Over Transgender Views Wins Appeal

Image Source: YouTube Screenshot/A Woman's Place UK
Image Source: YouTube Screenshot/A Woman’s Place UK

A British woman, who was fired from her job after saying men cannot change into women, won her appeal case Thursday with the High Court declaring that her beliefs were protected under the Equality Act.

In 2018, researcher Maya Forstater shared her opinion on sex and gender in a series of tweets that didn’t sit well with some of her colleagues at the Centre for Global Development (CGD). Following a number of complaints, Forstater’s employer did not renew her contract for the following year.

Forstater took legal action when her contract was not extended, stating “My belief…is that sex is a biological fact and is immutable. There are two sexes, male and female. Men and boys are male. Women and girls are female. It is impossible to change sex. These were until very recently understood as basic facts of life by almost everyone.”

During last week’s ruling, Judge Akhlaq Choudhury said Forstater’s views might be offensive to some but were covered by freedom of belief protections in the Equality Act.

After the verdict was handed down, Forstater said, “I am delighted to have been vindicated. I lost my job simply for expressing a view that is true and important, and held by the great majority of people in this country: sex matters.”

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Source: CBN