Netanyahu Rebukes Biden in ‘Scorched Earth’ Departure Speech and Says Iran Will Be ‘Celebrating’ His Defeat Because Israel Will Be ‘Weak’

Former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu blasted US President Joe Biden in a ‘scorched earth’ speech on his last day in office before officially handing over power on Monday, warning Iran will be ‘celebrating’ his defeat because Israel will be ‘weak’.

In a scathing speech that was meant to last 15 minutes but ran for more than half an hour, Netanyahu said the Islamic Republic would celebrate his loss because ‘they understand that starting today there will be a weak and unstable government that will align with the dictates of the international community.’

He then turned on his replacement, and former ally, Naftali Bennett, in the rambling speech, branding the new government ‘terrible’ and ‘dangerous’ and vowing he would soon return to the top of Israeli politics.

‘The opposition in Israel will have a clear and strong voice’, he said, promising to ‘fight daily’ to ‘topple’ the fragile coalition.

Minutes after meeting Bennett on Monday, Netanyahu, 71, repeated the pledge, saying ‘it will happen sooner than you think,’ in public remarks to legislators of his right-wing Likud party.

Netanayhu aide Topaz Luk also reiterated the comments in an interview with Army Radio on Monday, saying the former prime minister will ‘fight this dangerous and horrible government’ as opposition leader.

‘He’s full of motivation to topple this dangerous government as soon as possible,’ Luk said.

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Source: Daily Mail