First Black-Owned Juice Bar in Minnesota Broken Into, Vandalized, and Forced to Shut Down Just Days After Opening

Minnesota’s first Black-owned juice bar was broken into overnight, forcing it to close just days after its grand opening.

Catiesha Pierson, the owner of The Dripping Root, had to do what no small business owner wants to do on Friday, sending customers away as she focused on cleaning up after an early morning break in.

“I’m not going to let something like that ruin my shine or happiness for the amazing thing that’s been built and surrounded by community,” Pierson told FOX 9.

The Dripping Root’s security camera captured video of the vandalism in progress. Two suspects, apparently targeting cash, shattered the juice bar’s front glass window, making a mess. Since the juice bar is cashless, the thieves did not get away with much before police arrived.

Pierson said the incident did not feel random.

“Like, is it someone I know? Someone that came through as a customer? Have they been watching through the window? I am getting goosebumps and shaky just thinking and talking about it,” she said.

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