Beware Americans, Your Two Shot Vaccination May Not Keep You Safe: Indian coronavirus plague variant could be the dominant strain in the US within a week, say experts as it causes havoc in the United Kingdom where 30% of the 42 fatalities linked to mutant had been fully vaccinated

NEW YORK, NEW YORK – MAY 12: People receive a COVID-19 vaccination shot at the Broadway Junction subway station in Brooklyn on May 12, 2021 in New York City. The pop-up site is part of a city-wide initiative to get more New Yorkers and tourists vaccinated. Those who receive the free vaccine, Johnson & Johnson’s single-shot dose, will receive a free seven-day MetroCard pass. The walk-up vaccines will be offered at Penn Station, Grand Central Terminal, Broadway Junction station and other stations through Sunday. (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

The Indian variant of Covid-19 could be the dominant strain of the virus in the United States in just one week, according to disturbing new data.

The highly-transmissible strain – known as B.1.617.2 or ‘Delta’ – now makes up about 10 percent of US cases, up from just one percent less than a month ago, claims.

‘When will B.1.617.2 (Delta) be the dominant variant in the US? Could be next week (or next 2 weeks) based on trends in our testing data & sequences available,’ researcher Alexandre Bolze wrote on Twitter Thursday.

The strain, which was first detected in India, has wreaked havoc in the United Kingdom, where it now makes up 91 percent of all new cases.

It has caused Covid cases in that country to surge by 109 percent in a single week, with the government now considering extending lockdown restrictions by another month. The UK is headed for a third Covid wave and, at the current rate, could have 80,000 new cases a day by mid-July.

Stoking fears, a study by Public Health England shows 29 percent of the 42 people who have died after catching the new strain had received both of their Covid vaccinations.

A similar surge in US cases could be disastrous, particularly given that many are confident the pandemic is almost over, thanks to falling case numbers and widespread vaccinations.

Dr. Anthony Fauci has warned Americans against complacency, and pleaded with the public to get vaccinated.

Public Health England data puts vaccine effectiveness against the Delta variant at just 33 per cent after one dose. However, after two doses, this rises considerably to 81 per cent. Those who died in the UK after being fully vaccinated were likely to have been elderly and have suffered complications.

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Source: Daily Mail