Wheaties Celebrates Its 100th Birthday With Limited Edition Muhammad Ali Commemorative Box

Wheaties, the toasted oat flakes nicknamed “The Breakfast of Champions” that have been a staple at breakfast tables across the nation for the past 100 years is unveiling a special series of commemorative cereal boxes starting with boxing legend Muhammad Ali.

This collectible box will be the first in a multi-part series, launching throughout the centennial year and featuring instantly recognizable champions who have previously graced the Wheaties box and shaped sports culture.

Wheaties chose to kick off the series with “The Greatest” in honor of the athlete’s six core principles of confidence, conviction, dedication, giving, spirituality and respect reflected in his approach to opponents inside and outside of the ring.

“No one was quite like Muhammad Ali, beyond his unrivaled prowess in the boxing ring he was also an agent for social change, racial justice, and is remembered as a civil rights icon,” Taylor Gessell, brand experience manager for Wheaties, said in a news release. “We are proud to launch our commemorative series by honoring the valiant legacy of Muhammad Ali: The Greatest of All Time.”

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SOURCE: USA Today; Lousiville Courier Journal, Kirby Adams