New Film “Never Fight Alone” Gives Hope to Those Suffering with PTSD

Former Marine Chad Robichaux shares his fight with PTSD

Chad Robichaux is a best-selling author and champion MMA fighter, and joined the Marines at the age of 17.

Deploying to Afghanistan, he fought in combat and began to experience panic attacks and uncontrollable anger, eventually being diagnosed with PTSD. Living in brokenness, Robichaux struggled as he no longer had the identity of an active Marine and even thought about ending his life.

“I tried pills, MMA fighting, counseling, jujitsu, but nothing was working. It was time for me to try something different,” said Robichaux.

“I decided to surrender my life to Christ at that moment and step into the life that Christ intended me to live,” he said, adding: “It is very easy to focus on yourself, your own circumstances and self-pity and miss the very fact that many of those around you are experiencing the very same thing.”

Ahead of Memorial Day and PTSD Awareness Month in June, Robichaux, global storytelling organization I Am Second in association with Mighty Oaks Foundation and Global Digital Releasing are releasing the film, “Never Fight Alone.”

The 30-minute program, available for a limited time on, unfolds the challenges many veterans face, specifically the battle with PTSD that leads to over 20 suicides a day and a staggering divorce rate amongst military families.

“When you are going through an impossible situation you often think you are all alone and that no one can possibly experience what you are experiencing, no one can feel what you feel and no one can understand,” said Robichaux, founder of the Mighty Oaks Foundation.

“Never Fight Alone” shares Robichaux’s struggles after coming home from Afghanistan with PTSD and a failing marriage and what led him to create the Mighty Oaks Foundation. It also includes testimonials from veterans, both men, and women, sharing how the programs completely transformed the trajectory of their lives and directed them to discover purpose and overcoming past traumas. View Never Fight Alone here:

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SOURCE: Assist News Service