Michigan Father of Five Dies from Coronavirus After Refusing to Get Vaccine

Antwone and Hollie Rivers with their kids

A Lincoln Park family is grieving the loss of a father of five from COVID-19. He and his wife refused the vaccine, now she is sharing the story to convince others to get it.

“He said he never wanted his children to go through what he went through in life – he wanted his kids to have the best of everything,” said his wife, Hollie Rivers.

Antwone Rivers was a doting father of five who had it tough growing up in foster care, facing years of abuse and neglect. ┬áHis wife Hollie says he overcame his obstacles – becoming a success in school and in his career, earning the position of manager at Precision Vehicle Logistics in Wayne.

“He went to work every day even on the weekends, on vacations he worked,” she said.

Which is why everyone was shocked when he called in sick in April. That was when Antwone and Hollie learned they tested positive for COVID-19.

“I know that it was like a week into us having Covid he started feeling worse and I started feeling better,” she said.

The 39-year-old, who had no underlying conditions felt so sick, Hollie rushed him to the hospital. That would be the last conversation she would have with the love of her life.

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SOURCE: FOX 2 Detroit, Taryn Asher and David Komer