Leading Cuban Dissident Discharged from Hospital After 4 Weeks Following ‘Hunger and Thirst Strike’

Dissident artist Luis Manuel Otero Alcantara speaks during an interview at the headquarters of San Isidro Movement in Havana, Cuba, April 6, 2021. REUTERS/Alexandre Meneghini/File Photo

The General Calixto Garcia hospital in Havana said its treatment had enabled the 33-year-old artist to completely recover from his diagnosis of “voluntary starvation,” and his clinical and health parameters were now all within normal range.

“I’m really happy and relieved, he’s at his family home now at least,” his friend and fellow activist Iris Ruiz said. “There was so much uncertainty before.”

Reuters was unable to immediately reach Otero Alcantara, who is the head of the San Isidro Movement, a group of a few dozen artists, writers and activists that has protested restrictions in Cuba on civil liberties for the last few years, often through provocative performances.

Otero Alcantara had been staging a hunger and thirst strike to protest a raid on his home when authorities took him to hospital. The Cuban health department said at the time that doctors found no sign of malnutrition and that he was in stable condition.

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SOURCE: Reuters