Kamala Harris Honors America’s Fallen Troops After Being Criticized for Memorial Day Tweet Telling People to ‘Enjoy the Long Weekend’

Vice President Kamala Harris sent a tweet honoring fallen U.S. service members on Sunday

Kamala Harris paid tribute to fallen American service members on Sunday after getting excoriated for posting ‘enjoy the long weekend’ on Twitter without mentioning Memorial Day.

‘Throughout our history our service men and women have risked everything to defend our freedoms and our country,’ the vice president tweeted. ‘As we prepare to honor them on Memorial Day, we remember their service and their sacrifice.’

Harris did not do anything for Memorial Day over the weekend, but usually the president and vice president make some sort of tribute on Monday – the official federal holiday to commemorate those who gave their lives as part of the U.S. armed service branches.

President Joe Biden gave 10-minute remarks at the Veterans Memorial Park near the Delaware Memorial Bridge in Wilmington on Sunday. First he attended a church service at St. Joseph on the Brandywine and visited his son Beau’s grave there on the sixth anniversary of his passing from brain cancer.

The Sunday post from the vice president came after she was excoriated on Twitter for her Saturday tweet included a candid photo of herself smiling with the caption: ‘Enjoy the long weekend’, without mentioning the reason for the federal holiday

Harris’ tweet comes amid intense backlash for a post the day prior where she did not mention fallen soldiers, instead telling people to ‘enjoy’ having Monday off.

The post included a candid photo of herself smiling and comes hours after she posted a tweet praising Midshipman Sydney Barber who made history as the first black woman to serve as Brigade Commander at the U.S. Naval Academy.

Harris also spoke at the U.S. Naval Academy’s graduation and commissioning ceremony on Friday during which she called the United States military ‘the best, the bravest, and the most brilliant.’

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SOURCE: Daily Mail, Katelyn Caralle and Adam Schrader