Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu Faces Final Curtain After Record Run

Protesters wave an Israeli flag and hold placards as they stand behind a banner reading, “Crime Minister” and demonstrate against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu just before his corruption trial opens, outside his residence in Jerusalem May 24, 2020. The placard in Hebrew reads, ” Indictment: favorable coverage = lying to the public” REUTERS/Amir Cohen/File Photo

Long the familiar face of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu has held on as prime minister for more than a decade, clinging to power through a criminal indictment and four elections in the past two years alone.

Now, the question is whether the 71-year-old Netanyahu, dubbed “the magician” by his admirers, has any cards left up his sleeve.

After years in which he exerted near-complete hegemony over Israeli politics, an emerging broad coalition of opponents could be about to unseat him. read more

“Fraud of the century,” an indignant Netanyahu declared on Sunday, after fellow right-winger Naftali Bennett turned against him and opted to align with centrist opposition chief Yair Lapid despite a public promise that he wouldn’t.

And while Netanyahu’s Likud party has remained unflinchingly loyal to him, Gideon Saar, a disillusioned Likud defector, is in line to join the new government-in-making as head of his own New Horizon party.

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Source: Reuters