From New Delhi, India: Daily Cases Dropped Below 300,000

As the country continues in its never-to-seem-ending fight against the ferocious surge of the COVID-19, India reports a drop in its daily cases to below 300,000. The health ministry said around 280,000 cases and 4,106 deaths were confirmed in the last 24 hours.

Even though the country opened up its vaccination to all adults this month, the pace of ministering the vaccine had dropped as many states claim they do not have enough to administer. Last month’s report says vaccinations dropped by 40% even though cases had tripled causing deaths rate to increase by six times.

Health officials said around 5 million doses will be sent to the states this week.

India holds the second-highest caseload after the U.S. with more than 24 million confirmed infections and over 270,000 fatalities.

– BCNN1 Staff