Fractured arrowhead discovered near Biblical home of Goliath in Israel may have been used in battle when the city was taken over in 830 BC

Archaeologists discovered an arrowhead made from bone near the ancient Israeli city of Gath, the Biblical home of Goliath, according to a newly published study.

The findings, published in Near Eastern Archaeology, note the arrowhead was initially discovered in 2019 and was likely comprised of cattle metapodial.

It’s believed the near 3,000-year-old arrowhead was used by the city’s defenders, but the researchers said they can not rule out the possibility it belonged to the Aramaean attackers.

‘These bones were specifically selected for the job given their large size from which multiple points could be made, and their thick layer of hard compact bone that was cut following the length of the bone, that is, its longitudinal axis,’ the researchers wrote in the study. ‘This would make the artifacts extremely robust and capable of withstanding impact.’

It’s possible that the arrowhead was produced in a workshop about 1,000 feet from where the arrowhead was discovered, in the ancient city of Gath.

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