26-Year-Old Pregnant Chicago Woman Dies from Coronavirus

Charmaine Bailey, 26, died April 21 from COVID-19. She was five months pregnant and feared getting vaccinated Provided

Thirty-two people in Cook County 49 or younger died from COVID-19 in April, according to the latest list of victims released by the medical examiner’s office.

One of them was Charmaine Bailey, 26, who lived in Avalon Park on the South Side.

Charmaine, who worked at a day care center, died April 21 at the University of Illinois Hospital less than two weeks after falling ill. She was five months pregnant. Her baby died two days before she did.

It was a heartbreaking double loss for her mother Ethel Murry, who told me her daughter loved taking care of children and was looking forward to having one of her own. She’d picked out the name Harmony.

“That’s all she ever wanted was a baby,” said Sheree Bogan, a close friend from the day care center, who said mothers were glad to leave their babies in Charmaine’s care. “They knew with Charmaine their kids were safe.”

Murry described her daughter as a healthy young woman who “never really was sick” other than an asthma condition that didn’t cause her any limitations.

“She went to work every day,” her mother said.

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SOURCE: Chicago Sun-Times, Mark Brown