Walmart Apologizes After Emails With Racial Slur Are Sent from Its Account

Walmart said an “external bad actor” created fake user accounts and sent the accounts an email with a racial slur.

Dozens of people took to Twitter on Monday to say they received emails with a racial slur from a Walmart account after someone created fake accounts with their addresses on the company’s site.

An auto-generated “Welcome to Walmart” email, which was sent to the accounts after they were signed up for a Walmart shopping account, contained the n-word.

“What’s the best way to contact you guys for a very inappropriate email my daughter received in their inbox from you?” user @GDolceMiami said on Twitter.

Walmart spokesperson Molly Blakeman said in a statement that “an external bad actor” created fake user accounts “with obvious intent to offend our customers.”

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SOURCE: CNN, Nathaniel Meyersohn