Rusty Wright: ‘Blue Miracle’ Movie Review

‘Blue Miracle’ movie poster.

Does your life sometimes seem stormy?  Financial woes mounting?  Trouble at home or work? Got family conflicts?  Need some hope?  Maybe what worked for these Mexican orphans and their caretaker is worth trying.  Go fishin’.  And pray.

In 2014, Hurricane Odile swept through Cabo San Lucas, a resort city on the southern tip of Mexico’s Baja peninsula.  Famous for beautiful beaches, water activities and nightlife, Cabo also has a darker side, with poverty, drug gangs, and violence.  The film portrays Casa Hogar orphanage as already struggling financially when the hurricane flooded its buildings.  Would it have to close down and return the kids to street life?

Gone fishin’

Through some curious twists, the orphanage fielded an entry in the world’s biggest fishing tournament, with a grand prize that could help bail them out of their troubles.  The ensuing adventure teamed a veteran fishing boat skipper with kids who had never fished, all on a wild voyage toward self-discovery, friendship, and improbable accomplishment.

Blue Miracle tells their captivating story, a journey involving urban barrios and spectacular seascapes.  Dennis Quaid (Soul SurferI Can Only ImagineA Dog’s Purpose) headlines a cast that includes Jimmy Gonzales (Mayans M.C.), Raymond Cruz (The CloserMajor Crimes), and Bruce McGill (Rizzoli and Isles).

Divine wrath or divine protection?

Reuters reported that Hurricane Odile flooded buildings, closed airports, caused massive power outages, smashed storefronts and sparked looting.  In the film, one of the orphans speculates on divine involvement as the kids are huddled in a candlelit room during the storm: “Maybe God just wanted to get all the unluckiest kids into one building so he could crush us all at once.”

“Papa” Omar (Gonzales), the orphanage director, encourages the boys to face troubling times with faith and prayer, trusting God to make a way in darkness.  The lesson is not lost on some of the kids, a younger one especially, who makes a point of praying for incredible outcomes.

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SOURCE: Assist News Service, Rusty Wright