Heart for Lebanon Provides Different Path for Desperate Refugees as Lebanon Nears Collapse

Misery fills and pervades Syrian refugee camps. Believers present a God who values people so much He sent them a Savior. (Photo courtesy of Heart for Lebanon)

Syrian refugees become the “crisis within a crisis” as Lebanon inches closer to collapse.

Lebanon houses the most Syrian refugees in the world, and 90-percent of them live in extreme poverty. Single mom households struggle the most; 68-percent resort to “crisis-level coping mechanisms” like child marriage, child labor, or selling their kids to buy food.

“When you live at extreme levels of poverty, your thinking is ‘warped,’ and unless you have Jesus, you’re going to go down this warped road,” Heart for Lebanon’s Tom Atema explains.

“Eventually, that road is going to lead you to sell your children, [or] letting your girls sell themselves because they can make money.”

Heart for Lebanon offers a different path through relief aid and family-based programs. More about that here. “Our access ministry leads us to build relationships, and that relationship is the bridge for spiritual healing,” Atema says.

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Katey Hearth


  • Pray Heart for Lebanon’s team will have the wisdom, patience, and understanding it needs to work well with Syrian refuges and introduce them to Christ.
  • Pray for transformation as Syrian refugees learn a new way of thinking. Pray for salvation as they encounter the Gospel hope of Christ.