Former Employees at Local North Carolina Amusement Park Say Complaints About Manager’s Racist Remarks Were Ignored

Employees at a local amusement park walked out after they said a manager repeatedly made racist comments and their complaints were ignored.

Alyssa Faustia told Channel 9 she worked at Frankie’s Fun Park in Huntersville for more than two years and during that time, she claims one manager made racist comments toward her and other Black employees.

“The manager said I had nappy hair like Whitney Houston so he called me ‘nappy-head,’” Faustia said. “This manager also said we looked like a bunch of monkeys getting ready to get whipped.”

Co-workers Dajah Austin and Jordan Guine said they had similar experiences. All three claim they told another manager about the incidents, but nothing was ever done.

On May 22, the group said they tried another approach. Employees wrote down their negative experiences on notecards, and Faustia said they spread them across the break room table.

“Then Jordan called the GM to the break room to talk about it, and he just said, ‘If you guys walk out, there’s no coming back.’ So we all clocked out and walked out,” Faustia explained. She claimed more than a dozen other employees walked out with them.

“I was really in tears because it’s like, wow, they really do not care about us,” Austin said.

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SOURCE: WSOC TV, Susanna Black