Paula White’s Ex-Husband Randy White Says ‘Slanderous’ Facebook Post Accusing Her of Committing Adultery Multiple Times Was Made by Hackers

For 10 years I have watched ppl listen to her lies, this was the night she begged me to tell the ppl we were getting a divorce .. I said no ! But her mind was made up . She sent 10 men to my house and told me how wrong I was for divorcing her ….. I said men you are talking to the wrong person . I wanted to stay married . But when she had at least 5 multiple affairs to all married men, she needed another way out . I can tell you now that 80% person of what she has said, preached and wrote about isn’t even close to the truth!!! I know the whole truth because I had to live it ….. want more??? let me know #betrayal
— with Randy White.

Official Statement From Without Walls:
Last night, the Facebook account of Bishop Randy A White, of Without Walls International Church, was hacked. As a result, a post of a very unfortunate nature was posted under his account. We at WWIC are aware of these events, as well as other recent attacks active in nature to personally destroy our pastor, and our church. We are currently working not only to make sure this does not happen again, but to identify the person responsible for these slanderous posts. WWIC is in a season of growth, and there are people that are unhappy about what God is doing. However, this being said, years of ministry has taught us that when the enemy attacks this much, there is a blessing on the way.
First let us say, we at WWIC stand by our Bishop Randy White. Second we want to say, that Paula White was a vital part to the success of our church, and she has moved on with her life, ministry, and so has Bishop Randy A White. We wish nothing but the best for her. Bishop Randy has a good relationship with Pastor Paula. They are both focused on building God’s Kingdom.
Let us all move on from these distractions, and focus on the Work of the Lord.
Prayers and Blessings,
The Staff, Pastors, and Congregation of WWIC