Daniel Whyte III Says All God-Called Good Police Officers, Red, Yellow, Black, and White, Ought to be Paid at Least $150,000 a Year and All Bad Police Officers Ought to Resign or Get Fired — Atlanta Councilman Antonio Brown, Who Voted to Defund Police Is Almost Killed by Child Carjackers as Young as Seven Who Stole His Mercedes in Broad Daylight While He Clung Onto the Outside, Now He Thanks the Police – Talk About Reaping What You Sow

A councilman and mayoral candidate in Atlanta who backs the ‘Defund the Police’ movement and voted to cut the police budget by $73 million, was dragged from his car while it was being stolen Wednesday.

Antonio Brown, who is running on a platform of ‘reimagining public safety,’ was the victim of a carjacking months after he voted for an ordinance that would’ve withheld tens of millions of dollars from the police. That ‘Defund the Police’ ordinance – which would’ve reallocated $73 million of the police budget – was rejected by the city council.

The incident happened as Atlanta deals with a crime surge, with murders up 59 percent and car thefts up 25 percent from a year ago, as of May 22. There have been 54 murders in Atlanta compared to 34 at this time in 2020, as well as 284 shootings, up 46 percent from a year ago.

Meanwhile, the national ‘Defund the Police’ movement is facing pushback as the murder rate soared by an average of 30 percent across 34 major cities last year and continues to rise in many cities this year. In response, some cities are looking at restoring and even increasing the police budget in response to the soaring murder rates.

Brown was attending a ribbon-cutting in northwest Atlanta when four people hopped into his car as he was getting out to speak to someone just before noon – and took off.

The councilman told WSBTV that he was on hold with 911 for five minutes after the incident. Brown also claims it took 45 minutes for police to arrive because it was assigned as a low-priority dispatch.

‘Several males entered his unlocked car and drove away with it,’ police stated. Brown was driving a Mercedes Coupe, which has a push-button ignition.

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Source: Daily Mail