Three dead, one injured in domestic violence shooting in Arlington TX apartment complex

Three people were killed in a shooting Wednesday morning at an apartment complex in Arlington. Police say a man was leaving his apartment near Highway 360 and Arkansas Ln. about 5 a.m. and saw a car blocking him in.

“He went over to investigate. He noticed the passenger-side window appeared to have a bullet hole,” says Deputy Chief Chris Cook. “He investigates further and finds a female in the passenger seat. She’s unconscious with an apparent gunshot wound.”

Cook says that man called police, and the woman was taken to the hospital in unknown condition.

Police traced the license plate to another apartment in the same complex. Cook says officers found the door had been kicked in, and three people were found dead inside.

“There were at least two firearms found inside next to two of the people,” he says. “They were all pronounced deceased inside the location.”

One man who lives in the complex said he did not hear gunshots, but he saw police blocking off the parking lot and apartment when he left to take his kids to school.

“It’s a little alarming, taking my kids to school and I see this,” he said. “You start wondering, ‘Do I need to move out?'”

Another woman said she has lived in the complex 12 years, but she said it has been feeling less safe.

“They shot my car up there last year. I had a Nissan Sentra. I came outside, and there’s bullets all in it,” she said. “People were arguing. They’re out of control.”

Cook says there did not appear to be an ongoing threat, and the case was likely a murder-suicide. He says two of the three found dead were in a relationship.

Cook says Arlington police had responded to the apartment twice in April, both times for domestic disturbances. Wednesday afternoon, the identities of the four people involved had not been released.

There is no word yet on what led to the shooting. Police are still investigating.

SOURCE: NewsRadio 1080 KRLD