Cyclone Tauktae Strikes India During Deadliest 48 Hours of Coronavirus, Killing 90 People; Mission India Halts Programs but Continues Relief Kits

(Photo courtesy of Mission India)

Just when you think it couldn’t get worse in India, it did. On Monday, Cyclone Tauktae hit India’s west coast killing over 90 people, including workers on a sunken barge. The storm had weakened by the end of Tuesday.

Cyclone Tauktae’s winds got up to 130 miles per hour, making it the Arabian Sea’s fifth-strongest cyclone since 1998.

That same 48 hours, India also saw a two-day streak of the nation’s highest COVID-19 death numbers.

Mission India runs Children’s Bible Clubs and Adult Literacy Classes in Gujarat state and some of their ministry partners were impacted by the storm. Erik Morsehead with Mission India says, “Many of their houses are just completely wrecked. One of the Adult Literacy Class teachers’ homes is made of tarps and just couldn’t stand up to the heavy winds. Another was made of wood and, as you can imagine, a bunch of sustained water [was] negatively impacting the wood.

“We’ve just seen so much damage to homes. Not just obviously our program and our partners, but many, many people in that area.”

Authorities tried to evacuate 200,000 people in Gujarat along the coast. But the pandemic and social distancing complicated the evacuation process.

Morsehead says, “You just heap this on top of a massive outbreak of COVID, you’re trying to evacuate and take care of people. But how do you do that really well and quickly when, as we all know, COVID spreads very quickly en mass? So there’s a large struggle going on right now.”

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Lyndsey Koh


  • Please pray for God’s healing and hope in India.
  • Pray for Mission India’s Relief Kits to reach those in desperate need and provide encouragement.