“Heartbeat of Hope” Campaign Raises Funds to Support 2,530 Pregnant Women

(Facebook/The Light FM)

For the fourth year in a row, thousands of pregnant women are blessed with faith-based support and free ultrasounds. In a society where 95% of woman who are wrestling with a decision about their pregnancy will choose life when they see their child’s beating heart at a pregnancy center, this simple act is vital.

Through the 2021 “Heartbeat of Hope” campaign held earlier this month, The Light FM listeners donated enough money in a single day to support 2,530 pregnant women.

This year, The Light FM partnered with seven faith-based pregnancy centers to bring awareness to their services including pregnancy tests, counseling, ultrasounds and post-abortion programs.

Since 2018, pro-lifers’ generosity have raised nearly $1,236,495, allowing for more than 7,000 women to receive ultrasounds.

“The incredible amount of calls and donations that were received in such a short amount of time truly shows how much our listeners care and want to support these faith-based pregnancy centers,” said John Owens, general manager of Blue Ridge Broadcasting. “Because of the generosity of The Light FM donors, we are able to send every penny of these donations directly to the center selected by people who gave to ‘Heartbeat of Hope.'”

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SOURCE: Charisma News