Candace Cameron Bure Says ‘I Hate When Christians Are Like, ‘No! You Have to Pretend Like You’ve Never Had Sex’ and says she Believes Christians Should Celebrate Sex in Marriage Instead of Shying Away From Discussing the Topic and We at BCNN1 Say Amen Sister and Congratulations on 25 Yrs of Marriage

Candace Cameron Bure | The Christian Post
Candace Cameron Bure | The Christian Post

Actress Candace Cameron Bure credited her “spicy” sex life for being among the reasons she and her husband, Val Bure, will soon celebrate 25 years of marriage.

When the “Fuller House” star was asked for marital advice regarding physical intimacy for couples who’ve been married for a long time, she replied, “I think it’s important. You’ve got to keep it up.”

“The longer you’re married, it’s so easy to take each other for granted. You know each other so well that you forget, so you have to keep it spicy,” Cameron Bure, who will celebrate her wedding anniversary in June, told Daily Blast Live. “I love that. My husband and I do.”

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Source: Christian Post