Michael Brown Says Believers Should ‘Have Mercy on Those Who Doubt’

It is true that, in the Bible, Jesus often rebuked people for their doubts and unbelief. But that was because they have should have known better. That was because, based on what they had witnessed and experienced, they should have faith.

But at other times, He showed great mercy to those who wavered with doubt. In fact, there’s an amazing little verse in the book of Jude which calls us to “have mercy on those who doubt” (Jude 1:22, ESV).

When is the last time you heard a sermon using this verse? We should show mercy—not condemnation, not criticism, not censure, not condescending correction—to those who are sincere and yet struggle with doubt.

And what, exactly, is doubt? Sometimes it is an inability to believe that God will do something for us personally, as in, “I know the Bible says this, but I’m struggling to believe it will really happen to me.”

At other times, it is a struggle to believe that there really is a God, or that the God we believe in is the real God, or that the Bible is truly His Word, or that certain parts of the Bible are really inspired. Whatever the case, doubt eats away at our confidence and steals our peace.

After all, if our whole life is based on faith, how can we have peace and joy and confidence when we’re not even sure it’s all real? How would you feel on your wedding day if you were riddled with doubt about the marriage, questioning whether you really loved this person or if this person really loved you? Would be joyful or would you be anxious? Excited or nervous? Filled with anticipation or filled with dread?

Yet that is exactly how some of you have lived for many years, wanting to believe, trying to believe, acting like you believe, yet in spiritual agony on the inside. What a terribly difficult way to live! How God’s heart must ache for you, and how He would want you to know that this is not what He requires of you.

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SOURCE: Charisma News