U.S. Awaits Chorus of 17-year Cicada Hatch

FILE PHOTO: A nymph stage Brood X cicada is seen on display for a photo illustration near a tree in Rock Creek park in Washington, D.C., May 1, 2021. The once-every-17 year Brood X cicada hatches will occur in the middle part of the Eastern United States, from as far south as Eastern Tennessee, all the way up to southern parts of New York. REUTERS/Carlos Barria

Remember what was happening 17 years ago? The Motorola flip phone was high-tech, Facebook was brand new, George W. Bush was president, and, in some parts of the United States, people could hear a symphony of the cicadas.

Much has changed since then. But once again, billions of the red-eyed cicadas are beginning to crawl their way above ground again in portions of the eastern United States.

The cicadas, known as Brood X or Brood 10, have begun emerging from the earth in dramatic fashion in Washington D.C. and 15 states, from Georgia to New York, and west to Indiana and Illinois.

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SOURCE: Reuters