Missionary to Lesotho Jim Flora Dies at Age 63

RICHMOND, Va. (BP) – IMB missionary Jim Flora, who served among the Basotho people of Lesotho in Sub-Saharan Africa, died Friday, May 8, 2021 from cancer. He was 63.

“From the pulpits of Missouri to the mountains of Lesotho, Jim was passionate about sharing the Gospel and loved to preach the Good News of Jesus Christ,” IMB President Paul Chitwood said. “While he will be missed around the world, we know that many will stand before the throne of the Lamb one day because of Jim’s witness. May others show the kind of obedience that Jim so faithfully lived.”

Flora and his wife Teresa were appointed as IMB missionaries in 2008. Jim was an active church planter and evangelist, who spent long days in the mountains sharing the Gospel. Often he rode on horseback, as many areas are not accessible by automobiles. Jim preached, while Teresa, a nurse, served the villages using her medical skills. They were actively involved in connecting with partnering churches, praying that each mountain and valley in Lesotho would hear the Gospel.

Friend and colleague Daren Davis spent many hours with Flora, both in his home observing his love for his family, and in the villages of Lesotho where Davis said Flora’s passion for spreading the Gospel was evident to all.

“The only person Jim talked about more than his family was Jesus,” Davis said. “He had a deep passion to make Jesus known among the people living in every village, on every mountain, and in every valley across the Mountain Kingdom of Lesotho.

“His love for the people of Lesotho ran deep, and his hope they would turn to Jesus was contagious and resulted in numerous partners, missionaries and African believers joining him to traverse the valleys, mountains and paths to preach the Gospel.”

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Source: Baptist Press