Here We Go: US Army Recruitment Ad Shows Gay Wedding and a Pride March After CIA’s ‘Intersectional Cisgender Millennial’ Campaign Was Panned

The U.S. Army has joined the woke parade in its latest recruitment ad that features an animated lesbian wedding and an LGBTQ pride parade.

The new ad is part of the Army’s ‘The Calling’ recruitment campaign that tells the stories of five diverse service members.

The ad comes just weeks after a CIA recruitment video featuring a recruit described who herself as an ‘intersectional cisgender millennial’ was widely ridiculed online.

Released on May 4, the two-minute recruitment video, centers on Corporal Emma Malonelord and her upbringing as she is raised by two moms. Malonelord is an actual Army corporal; her story is illustrated in the cartoon.

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Source: Daily Mail