Barry Morphew, husband accused of killing missing mom Suzanne Morphew cast a fraudulent vote in her name for Trump: Told FBI ‘she would have voted for him and everyone was cheating in the election anyway’

Barry Morphew, 53, was arrested last week on suspicion of murdering his wife Suzanne Morphew, 49, after she vanished in Colorado in May 2020. He has now been charged with submitting a mail-in ballot in his wife’s name in October that voted for President Trump. When questioned by the FBI, Morphew said he submitted the ballot because he ‘wanted Trump to win’ and that his wife was going to vote for him anyway. Morphew allegedly said he didn’t know submitting a ballot on behalf of a spouse was illegal. It is not clear whether Morphew filed the ballot because he wanted Trump to win or to make it appear as if his wife was still alive. Suzanne vanished on Mother’s Day in 2020 and police believe she was murdered but her body has still not been found.

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SOURCE: Daily Mail