Study Finds Black Women Face 43% Higher Risk of Having a Miscarriage Than White Women

Doreen Thompson-Addo with her daughter Arielle

Black women face a significantly higher risk of having a miscarriage than white, research suggests.

The Lancet analysis of data on 4.6 million pregnancies in seven countries suggests the risk for black women is 43% higher than for white women.

It calls for people in the UK to be given support after their first pregnancy loss.

Currently, referral to specialist clinics usually occurs after three consecutive losses only.

Most countries, including the UK, do not collect statistics.

But researchers estimate:

  • 15% of pregnancies end in loss
  • 1% of women will experience recurrent miscarriage

Some estimates of miscarriage rate are higher, but this is due to differences in how countries define pregnancy loss, which can be from a positive pregnancy test or from a scan.

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SOURCE: BBC News, Tulip Mazumdar