The value of community during an uncertain time

During uncertain times or maybe it is more accurate to call it time of crisis, the community is more important than ever. When the crisis hits it is important to stand together and support each other in all the different challenges one might stand in front of.

When being a part of a religious community we are used to take care of each other during good times and bad times. But this crisis has been something else. We haven’t been able to gather like we use to. To sign together, to hug each other, to talk to one another eye to eye and not just over the phone. It has been tough, but it has also made us see and believe in the community, more than ever.

Our community of religion, of love and care for each other are strong even though the times are hard. But we have been forced to gather in different ways. To show love in different ways than before. To pray in different ways. We have had to adapt to the new world and make our community fit in a new world.

The whole society searches for a community

To feel like you are a part of a community can be extremely difficult when you are not able to meet with each other. But it is equally important. It is not only our community that has been struggling during these uncertain times.

The whole society have had a hard time to gather and feel a part of a society or community. People has been forced to gather in different ways, through an online event of any kind, through interests such as sports and culture online. Maybe that is why the european football championships predictions has been so many. People have found ways to talk to each other online and gather round an interest, such as basketball or football.

Many people have been suffering from lack of community and feelings of fellowship during the last year. The isolation has made a lot of people lonely, which have contributed to mental ill-health. Because the isolation can be a struggle for many people, that is also why it is so important to keep on working with the feelings of being a part of a community, even though it is hard to meet in person

See the people outside the community

We need to think about ourselves in these uncertain times. To take care of ourselves and make sure that we are okay and that the community that we are a part of are okay. But in uncertain times, even more than ever is it important to also look up and to see the people struggling outside of our own community. To invite people, to open for new people to join the community that you are a part of, if it is a church, a football club or just for a coffee. Because there are a lot of people struggling with the feeling of loneliness right now.