The Devil Is a Lie: We Told You So: People Are Counting Down the Hours to ‘Adultery Day’ as Hotels Are Open Again – and Adulterous Spouses Can’t Wait. Here, a Married Mother Says She’s Longing to Be With Her Adultery Partner. People Are Under Judgment From God But They Can’t Wait to Get Back to Sinning, and There Are Even Some So-called Christians Who Are Like That

Sinking back into the vast hotel bed, my lover and I carelessly allow flakes of croissant to fall on the sheets — someone else can clean that up — as we interrupt breakfast for a kiss.

As a married mum of three teenagers, with all the cooking, cleaning, chauffeuring and general dogsbodying that comes with that role, it’s during illicit moments like these when I am happiest and most carefree. I have been seeing Tom for the past eight years.

It’s hardly surprising, then, that I am literally counting down the days until the hotels finally reopen next week — by which time it will have been 16 long months since I last saw Tom, an IT consultant who lives 300 miles from me and, at 50, is six years my senior.

Lockdown has been cruel to people like us with unsuspecting husbands, wives, and children at home. We are wholly reliant on anonymous hotels to steal precious evenings and weekends together. It’s a wonder I haven’t gone crazy, cooped up at home with my husband of 16 years, whose best shot at romance these days is occasionally remembering to put petrol in the car and a son and two daughters so attached to their phones I can’t remember the last time they looked me in the eye.

For years, the prospect of my hotel trysts with Tom every few months were the one ‘carrot’ getting me through the day-to-day drudgery of domestic life. My most precious memory is from the spa in London’s Mandarin Oriental Hotel, one of our favourite haunts — and a world away from my suburban existence.

Thanks to Tom’s work sometimes picking up the bill, we stay in grand hotels — sometimes we get upgraded to a suite, which would cost thousands of pounds a night.

While my husband, Martin, hasn’t bought me flowers in 12 years, Tom always requests a bouquet of roses for me in the room.

It will come as no surprise to learn that, as in many long-term relationships, there is a lot of unresolved hurt and bubbling resentment in my marriage and that’s the reason I feel little guilt, or remorse, for having led this double life for eight years.

I had no idea, almost two decades ago, when we moved to be near Martin’s family in the South-West that his mother would feel entitled to interfere in every single aspect of our lives — and criticise everything I do.

It caused endless rows in the early years, not least because he would always take her side.

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Source: Daily Mail