Iran’s Persecuted Church is Standing Together

Members of the Persecuted Church in Iran Worship in Secret

Iran Alive Ministries has planted a thriving underground church network in Iran.

Faithful believers have risked their lives to establish and grow house churches, even in the face of unimaginable danger.

In a recent ministry update, Iran Alive Ministries’ Dr. Hormoz Shariat says: “If one church member is arrested, they will face torture and even death because they confess Christ. But, if a leader is arrested, the entire church community is at risk. If they fold under pressure and give up names of others associated with the church, there is no guarantee that any of their lives will be spared.”

“So you can imagine how I felt when I found out that one of our leaders was arrested. I knew that all of their lives were in danger. I knew that the underground house church network that we had worked so hard to establish for several years could be destroyed overnight and people—faithful Christian people—could die.”

Here is the account of the faithful church members who were left behind when their leader was taken by authorities.

Dr. Shariat reached out to them and asked how they were doing. “Are you afraid?”  They said: “Thank you for your concern, pastor. All of us are praying and fasting for our captured brother every day. Every night, we gather together in a secure location to pray and encourage one another. After we have a meal together and break our fast, we worship, pray, and take communion together.”

Dr. Shariat was thrilled to see that instead of scattering, they chose to gather together to encourage one another. However, he was puzzled about their daily communion. “Why do you take communion every night?” Their answer revealed a deep reality about communion.

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SOURCE: Assist News Service, Michael Ireland