Some Countries Have No Coronavirus Vaccines at All

Doctors caring with COVID-19 patients ferry medical equipment, at the Farcha provincial hospital in N’Djamena, Chad, Friday April 30, 2021. While the world’s wealthier nations have stockpiled coronavirus vaccines for their citizens, many poorer countries are scrambling to secure enough doses, and some, like Chad, have yet to receive any. (AP Photo/Sunday Alamba)

Some countries are left naked to the coronavirus as they are without the vaccine needed to combat its attack. The World Health Organization has confirmed that nearly a dozen countries are still without vaccines, many of them in Africa. There is concern that new variants could emerge in those countries.

Gian Gandhi, UNICEF’s COVAX coordinator for Supply Division urges wealthier nations to donate doses to those nations that are still waiting. Those countries waiting for vaccinations are not equipped to track the rate of infections.

Some countries have helped. Doctors Without Borders has helped supply oxygen for COVID-19 patients. The physicians also have plenty of Chinese-made KN95 masks and hand sanitizer. Still this is not enough as vaccines is what is needed. Everyone must be given a chance to fight this virus.

COVAX, the U.N.-backed program to ship COVID-19 vaccines worldwide, is aimed at helping low- and middle-income countries get access. Even though without the vaccines, countries such as Chad have expressed their concerns about receiving the AstraZeneca fearing it might not protect as well against the variant first seen in South Africa.

– Ella Breedlove