Here We Go: The New Underground of Parents of Trans-Identifying Kids

Across the country, state lawmakers are debating whether to ban doctors from giving hormones, puberty blockers, and gender surgeries to children who identify as trans. Some of the people who’d most like to see these bans take effect: the parents of these children. Many of them have found themselves blindsided as their sons and daughters announced their new gender and then in many cases, stood helplessly by once they turned 18 and began to take hormones.

These worried parents have formed an underground movement of sorts to support each other. They’re meeting online and in-person across the U.S. and internationally to respond to what they see as an epidemic of young people caught up in a dangerous trend that can lead to irreversible medical decisions.

Their organization, Parents of Rapid-Onset Gender Dysphoria Kids, has grown rapidly since it started in 2017. More than 1,500 parents have joined with groups or clusters now in 49 states.

A spokeswoman told CBN News that states like California and New York have multiple groups. Parents of ROGD Kids started initially on the coasts but in the last two years, its fastest growth has come in the southern U.S.

CBN News met with parents from one group in the Southeast that includes 20 families. Its rapid increase in the last year comes with a mix of emotions for leaders Kristie and Kevin Sisson. They’re well acquainted with the grief and confusion that goes with the journey.

Their daughter was 17 when she first announced she was trans, shocking both of them. Despite their protests, she began taking hormones while away at college. More recently, they learned of her double mastectomy.

“I actually saw a post on social media where she had posted a picture of herself with no shirt on,” Kevin Sisson.

“It was just heartbreaking,” said Kristie Sisson, “because that’s what I had been hoping I could stop because it was such an irreversible step.”

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Source: CBN