Yael Eckstein on How My Faith in God Helps Me Balance My Career and Motherhood

Yael Eckstein

My job should make it hard for me to be a good mom.

I’m based in Israel and run an international nonprofit with offices in Israel, Canada, South Korea, and the U.S. This means that sometimes I have meetings very early in the morning or very late at night to account for the time differences. It means that I travel a lot – though I haven’t done so in the past year, I will once travel restrictions are lifted – to visit our programs in the former Soviet Union and our donors in North America. It means that everyone in the organization counts on having my time, my insight, and my approval for a host of things.

At the same time, while I take my work very seriously, my most important job is being a good mother to my four precious children. Every working mother knows that having a job outside the home (and sometimes more than one) can tip the delicate balance between work and family in the wrong direction. For me, the demands of providing for a family while trying to be a good steward of a charity that helps millions of people can present stress and challenges.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Yael Eckstein